Fabulous Fall Fashion: New Season, New You

It is often said that the start of September is the January of the fashion world. Why? Because it’s fall and this season excites fashionistas around the world. Flip flops and shorts are replaced with pumps and sandals; the air has an intoxicating fresh-out-the-box scent of a new pair of boots, and the colors on the leaves aren’t just the only seasonal changes that occur. Tis’ the season for fashion weeks all around the world to showcase the upcoming looks of the spring season. Yes, you read correctly, spring season. While we are still salivating over blazers and cropped pants, the fashion industry is already producing springtime masterpieces. So what are the trends of this season? And how can you incorporate them into your wardrobe?

This season there are 3 words that need to be memorized: edgy, tailored, and chic, or in other words “edgy tailored chic”, with a hint of masculine to compliment your feminine. Let’s face it ladies, we all have those days where we just want to be one of the guys. Menswear inspired looks have existed for decades, but this season it is being embraced more than ever. Tuxedo jackets, cropped pants, fedoras, ties, loafers, and suspenders, just to name a few, are just a couple of pieces that will change your look from girlie to boyish. The key word in pulling off this trend is inspired you want to create a look that takes inspiration from men’s apparel but with your own added feminine touch. Military is another gender bending look. The tailored, structured designs of a military jacket along with the strategic placement of the buttons have rocked the runways of Burberry and Victoria Beckham.

Decorative fabrics, yes the kind that typically grace the curtains or tablecloths of your grandmother are hotter than ever this fall. Who knew that lace detailing would make such a powerful comeback? The fabrics of brocade, jacquard, baroque, and velvet have solidified themselves as nothing but class and elegance. An age old look that is historically timeless and now is featured in stores the world over.

Another oldie but goodie is peplum. Peplum has made a strong return between last season and this one. Even though, it never really went out of style, it is now finally being worn on women of all ages and sizes and it is featured in everything from dresses and skirts to blouses and blazers. But what exactly is peplum? The word peplum is derived from the Greek word peplos (meaning shawl). Popular in the 20th century both in the 1940’s and 1980’s, peplum is defined as a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, bodice etc. There are two types of peplum: fitted and flared. Fitted does just what it says, it shows your feminine figure, while flare adds curves to your hips. Bottom line ladies, you CANNOT go wrong wearing peplum. This look is sexy, classy, elegant, and chic all wrapped up in one. This is a trend that needs to be tried.

A final trend of the season that cannot be overlooked is shoes; shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Go ahead and scream, trust me I already have. This fall brings back the return of the pointy toe pump. Yes my beauties, your eyes have not deceived you. Say goodbye to the stilts, oops I mean platforms that a certain famous red sole shoe designer, who shall remain nameless, made popular the past couple seasons. And say hello again to the classic pointy toe pump that Carrie Bradshaw herself would wear strutting down Fifth Avenue. Pointy toe pumps are a classic staple in the fashion world. They can go from business to pleasure, day to night, dressed up or down. These pumps give off magic; it elongates your legs making anyone look like a supermodel. Patent to suede, these shoes come in a multitude of fall colors: plums, reds, browns, and blacks.

Boots: knee-high, thigh high, riding, and booties are what make ‘fall’ fall. Breaking these out usually signals the seasonal changes before the seasons can announce it themselves. And with so many varieties of boots it’s almost too good to be true. Boots, along with flats are the prime go-to for work or play, flats especially. And this fall season’s flats are too cute to be true. Ballet flats have always been around, but this season introduces us to the loafer flat otherwise known as the smoker loafer. A cross between a penny loafer and a ballet flat, the smoker loafer adds a modern day twist and an air of sophistication that a basic flat just can’t give you. They pair well with menswear inspired looks, as well as, pleated skirts and leather jackets. Get them suede, patent, studded, spiked, printed with leopard or zebra, or trimmed with calf or pony hair.

So stylistas how will you be incorporating these trends into your wardrobe? All you really need is one standout piece to add to your closet. By mixing and matching between your clothes and the new trends you will be surprised at how many outfits you can make. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and experiment a little, fashion is fun and fearless. And you should be too! With that being said, as it is the start of a new season, I bid you a Happy New Year and Happy Shopping too!

By Erica Monet

Author: Leah Olajide

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