Female rap pioneer appointed new national advisor for Cornell University Hip Hop library

Rap Artist MC Sha-Rock was one of the first female MCee’s to really break ground in the hip hop music industry. She was the only female member of the 1980s’s group Funky 4 Plus One More and has become known as the “Mother of the Mic.” She is still earning props for her legendary role in music, most recently as the newly appointed National Advisor for the Cornell University Hip Hop Library.

The Cornell Hip Hop Collection (CHHC), which opened in 1999,  is a nationally known public archive which includes hundreds of party and event flyers, thousands of early vinyl recordings, cassettes and CDs; film and video; record label press packets and publicity; black books, photographs, magazines, books, clothing, and more.

“I am humbled and honored to accept this titled as a National Advisor for the Hip Hop Library at Cornell,”  said MC Sha-Rock.

MC Sha-Rock couldn’t be any happier to announce that the Cornell Hip Hop Library will showcase the first known vintage film footage that was documented and dated in 1977 by a young man’s task to complete a high school project. The film highlights the Original Funky Four MC’s and also charts MC Sha-Rock as the first female MC of Hip Hop.

“I am truly looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with the world. I am also excited about working with other pioneer’s, educators and scholars,” she said.

MC-Sha Rock began her career as a b-girl/break dancer in the Bronx, New York.

Funky 4 Plus One More made history when they became the first group to appear on national television when they made an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

MC Sha-Rock is also a recipient of the Honorary Award from the Council of New York and The Women’s Distinction Award by The Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem, New York. She has been featured in countless magazines and books written by authors and Hip Hop Historians.

Congrats MC Sha-Rock!

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