Ginger Howard Becomes Youngest Female African American Pro Golfer

Another stepping stone was made in African American history as Ginger Howard became the youngest female African American golfer to become pro.  According to, Howard won 78 trophies during her golf career, ranking first in 41 out of 66 events. After enrolling at the IMG Golf Academy, Howard petitioned the LPGA to let her to play in its qualifying tournament in 2012 even though she wasn’t the mandatory age of 18.  But now at the ripe age of 18, Howard is a member of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA).

Howards journey has been far from easy. Her father, Robert Howard, had left his job so he could join his young daughter on the road. During Howard’s father’s unemployment, her mother, Gianna Howard, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. But thankfully Robert Howard has become a part of a non-profit organization called Golf to End Cancer and her mother is now cancer free after the removal of her thyroids.

It’s safe to say that life for the Howard family is looking up. “I definitely think about being an African-American on the tour, but I don’t want to just be on tour — I want to be in contention,” Howard said in an interview Fox Sports. “I want people to notice me and to be in the spotlight.”

Author: Jade Gonzalez

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