Leah Figures It Out – October Recap

The month of October means that fall is truly among us; the air is crisp in the morning, time to pull out sweaters, sweatpants, and enjoy apples, and other fall foods. This October has been one of the best fall beginnings I’ve had in awhile. Here’s why:




Chef Laura is my Giada 

For 10 months I have been subscribed to the Youtube channel Laura in the Kitchen. Laura is a young chef (believe it or not we are the same age) who is from Italy and lives in New Jersey with her husband, Joe.


Not surprisingly, she loves Italian cooking (as do I) and the comfort of being in the kitchen. Her website laurainthekitchen.com has a variety of recipes for all pallates. On her Youtube channel, she recently did a “Fall Essentials” live event, showing viewers the items she keeps stocked in her pantry and fridge during the fall and winter months since she cooks and bakes more for her family and friends. She answered questions from viewers and baked a pie during the event. It was fun to watch and get tips about the type of pie crust to buy, how to freeze and store things, keeping your spices organized, which wines are good to cook with and other suggestions. Check the video out here.

Blue Me Away

According to Fashion week, Cobalt Blue is the hot color for fall. Therefore, I made it my goal to purchase at least one blue item for my wardrobe. I ended up purchasing a simple blue high-low top with black piping. This can be paired with high-waisted jeans, a skirt, or leggings. It’s very feminine and adds a pop of color to my closet. shirt

I also purchased a pair of thigh-high boots, which are actually comfortable. I wanted a pair last year but couldn’t find any that I liked. They can be worn again, with skirts, and skinny jeans, and in my opinion are edgy and classy. boots

Eye Feel Beautiful 

It wasn’t planned that my two favorite beauty products of the month would be eye related but, they were. And they are:

  • Estee Lauder Pure Colors 08 Bronze Dunes. This is a 5 color eyeshadow palette with shimmery, satin, and matte shadows that are perfect for daily use and provide a nice, even, nude eye.
  • Maybelline “The Falsies” Big Eyes Mascara. Previously, I loved the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara, but “The Falsies” is my new favorite. This mascara actually does what it says it will! It gives your lashes length and doesn’t clump. AND there is a separate brush for your lower lashes which adds definition to your look. I’m thinking about trying both of these mascaras together, but “The Falsies” is performing so well I may just go buy another tube! (Thanks to my sister for being my photographer for the fashion and beauty photos featured).


The baby turned One!! 

No, I’m not a mom. But, if you follow my blog you’ll know I’m a magazine mom.ColorBlind Magazine, the publication of which I am a co-founder and CEO celebrated its first year on October 22nd. At the beginning of the year, the team desired to have a big formal celebration. But, the opposite happened and I honestly couldn’t be happier. The week beginning October 21st was named “Anniversary Week”, and we kicked it off with a presentation to a journalism class (online reporting) describing our start, and how the web has allowed us to make this magazine possible. Later in the week, we had a team dinner at a local restaurant, and we finished the week off with our first bowling fundraiser. It was great to spend the week reflecting on the hard work of the dedicated team and to express thanks to our readers, subscribers, and supporters. For me, I kept the words of the late Steve Jobs in mind who said “I am convinced that what separates the successful entrepreneur from the unsuccessful ones is pure perseverance.” Steve, I concur.

Enjoy a recap of us on the Rachel Simone show earlier this year, watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msevt-x6yuY. Pics from our bowling fundraiser and other events during our first year will appear in our November issue.



By Leah Johnson
“Leah Figures It Out”

Author: Jade Gonzalez

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