Benefits of Working out with GFIT

ColorBlind Magazine had the opportunity to interview Regina J. a local fitness instructor. She explains the benefits of GFIT in the article below.

Leah T. Johnson/ColorBlind Magazine 

ColorBlind Magazine: Why did you choose to start GFIT?

Regina/GFIT: The GFIT/Get FIT program was started to assist those who want to be healthy, whether it is weight loss, becoming stronger, having good overall cardio health which promotes a healthy mental well- being. The program was designed to help the inner & the outer unite. Usually, when you feel good physically, you feel good mentally.

ColorBlind Magazine: When did your interest in fitness/health begin and how has it been sustained over the years?

Regina/GFIT: After dealing with my own weight struggles and losing close to 100lbs 20 years ago, I was encouraged to become educated in the health & fitness held which prompted me to become certified in 2000 in 14 areas of health & fitness which would enable me to assist others with their struggles and goals.        imgres-1

ColorBlind Magazine: Can you share a health success story? (personal or someone else)

Regina/GFIT: A few that come to mind are my own success of losing almost 100lbs as well as seeing a client lose over 60lbs attending group workout sessions as well as one person doing personal training sessions with me and another one lose an extreme amount of weight just in time for her son’s wedding!! Those are extremely proud moments, not for me but for them because they showed up and did the work!!!

ColorBlind Magazine: What do you hope to gain and receive by hosting the GFIT fitness classes?

Regina/GFIT: I hope to gain and receive the satisfaction of being able to help individuals to recognize that good physical health is important and can be fun. Long gone are the dreaded long daunting tasks of working out doing jumping jacks, burpees etc… Dancing to great music is an excellent form of exercise and is great for the cardio vascular system as well as toning. The classes provide a full body workout with a variety of dance styles, strength training and YES, DANCING ABS!! No more getting on the floor!!! Using the proper techniques and form you can get a great ab workout dancing to the latest beats!! At the end of class and everyone is spent and sweat is dripping off of them, I know that I delivered and they got a good workout and are satisfied!!

Also the message is: Take time to do something for yourself. We give so much to our mates, children, and employers. We need to make time for us, to keep us going. I love knowing that when you are on your way to class you know you’re going to work hard and get a good workout, but you’ll have fun doing it!! I say, you have to show up in order to show out!!

Currently GFIT classes are held on  Sundays at 7pm. Dances include salsa, zumba, afro-beatz, old-school, and more! For more information visit their facebook page GFIT/Physical Fitness 

Author: Leah Olajide

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