A “Berry” Special Wedding

Interview done by Leah T. Johnson/ColorBlind Magazine
Newlywed Zenia Berry gives readers a recap of her wedding day and shares advice with future brides… 
ColorBlind Magazine: What was the best part/moment of your wedding day?
Zenia Berry: I can’t limit it to just one…lol So, I’ll give two! 1. Holding Kevin’s hands up until the “I Dos”. It brought me so much comfort just knowing we are in this together, and his strength — knowing that this is someone I can depend on when I may not be my strongest self. 2. The feeling of “love in the air”.  All of my guests made that comment to me too.  You know, I’ve watched those bridal shows, and it always seems so hectic — like everyone is in a bad mood or the small nuisances become these major issues for everyone — but I didn’t have those feelings or thoughts at all. I just felt love from everyone, and it was reassuring to know that people are still supportive of and hopeful for marriages to be successful in this day and age.

CB: How did you feel on your wedding day? Proud? Nervous? Anxious? etc.
 ZB: Honestly, I had only ONE nervous moment. It was about 2:30 p.m. (a half hour before my matron and I were supposed to head to the venue to get ready) and I had a slight moment of being nervous. I can’t really say what IMG_5820 exactly made me anxious. I think I just was hoping that the entire day went as planned. AND IT DID!!! 🙂 After getting married, I can only explain it as this overwhelming feeling of respect for (and yes, pride in) the person that you have made a commitment to and with. I mean, I’ve always respected him, but there is this increased level of awareness you have for the other person that reminds you to be very conscious of how important they are and the relationship is. It’s quite indescribable — once a person gets married, I guess they’ll know. Seems like all the other married couples I know told me we would feel differently, but they couldn’t say quite how. Now, I get it. 🙂 WE, as individuals are the same people, but OUR RELATIONSHIP feels more solid and sacred.

CB: Complete this sentence– “The best thing about being a wife is…”
ZB: being connected to someone that has CHOSEN to be connected to me as well. It’s a very prideful feeling. Knowing that I have someone I can grow with in life — who will allow for a mutual exchange of love and beneficial change as we share certain experiences. I could go on and on, but just feeling like there is someone who has vowed to make every effort to be your best friend through every major life experience (Corny — I know, but I told you about me and corny in our first interview…lol It’s true though). And that feels really good. 🙂

CB: How has marriage brought you closer to Kevin?
ZB: Again, I think it has made us more aware of each other as individual beings. Our level of respect, our choice in words when we speak to one another, the ways in which we show each other we care, the sacrifices we’re willing to make. There is a level of comfort in being my true self with him because I know that in all we’ve been through and expect to go through he has chosen to be there, and vice versa.

CB: Any final advice you would give to future brides?
ZB: For future brides, remember, when it’s all said and done, it is about you and that person. It doesn’t matter what goes on with your guests list, the venue, your decorations, all that materialistic stuff…it won’t matter or compare to the individual that you are choosing to make your husband and who in turn will call you their wife. Don’t let the small stressors get to you so much! Enjoy the experience, embrace the love and attention, and know that the wedding is one day, but your marriage is a lifetime. That’s the real focus!!! I wish you all the best!
Kevin and Zenia Tied the Knot on September 24th, 2016 … Congrats to the Berry’s!!! 

Author: Leah Olajide

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