YouTube, Beauty, and Weddings with Wura Manola

Interview Conducted by Leah T. Johnson/ColorBlind Magazine

Part 3 of 3: Youtube, Beauty, and Weddings with Wura Manola

Photo Provided by Wura Manola

CB Mag: Many of us see extravagant weddings. How do you advise brides to stay focused?

WM: Everyone wants a lavish wedding. What I always tell people is remember you’re going to spend all that money on one day, everyone comes, eats, drinks, and has a good time, but no one goes home with you. It’s just you and your husband. The wedding is just one day. That day is going to go very fast. You don’t want to start fighting your husband because of money. And you don’t want to marry the wrong person because you want to have the “wedding of life”, as we Nigerians call it. If you can’t afford a Vera Wang dress, get an imitation dress.  If you can’t afford a 7 tier cake, get a dummy cake!  Life is too short for all of this. If you don’t have the money, it’s not worth it. Focus on the end goal which is your marriage and cut your coat according to your cloth.

CB Mag: If you could plan one wedding, whose would it be?

WM: If I could plan one wedding- it would be my best friend’s wedding- Nene Ntofon. She went above and beyond for my wedding. She did so much to the extent that my in-laws remember her. She took on the role of a sister and a wedding planner, and a way of me making her day beautiful is a way to repay her for all she did for my wedding. For me, planning a wedding is a personal thing, and I’ve known her since I was 7 or 8. So I could put sooo much personal touch into it.

The other person would be an actress in Nigeria named Dorcas Shola Fapson She seems to be so much fun, like her snapchat is life. I’d like to plan her wedding because her wedding would be a turn up! I feel like planning a wedding like that will be so much fun, grand, tasteful but fun.

CB Mag: What is your advice to young women preparing for marriage?

WM: Marriage is not easy. It’s not a walk in the park. Young people need to ask themselves– Am I built for marriage? As a woman– am I confident, motivated, hard-working? A man will respect you when you have your own thing going for you. My advice- find yourself. Know who you are. Be confident and have goals. Love yourself.Also, be patient. Don’t expect it to be all butterflies.

My brother told me to look at the heart of my husband– he asked me “if you were to be disabled today, would your hubby stay with you?” And that was all the confirmation I needed to get married to my husband. And that was the best advice I’ve ever gotten. There’s a reason the oath you take says “for better or worse”, it’s not “for better or divorce” which seems to be the case of the times we live in. Find yourself as a woman. Have something going for you. Look at the Proverbs 31 woman. All the answers are in the bible and have a relationship with God. Know the person in and out, and DO NOT SETTLE.


Many Thanks to Wura Manola for doing this interview with ColorBlind Magazine!

Author: Leah Olajide

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