Editor’s Reflection: Five Years of ColorBlind Magazine

“Would you still do this if you didn’t make any money from it?”

I don’t know why 5+ years later that question is still in my head. Whenever the anniversary of the magazine’s release us near that question becomes louder and more persistent.

It’s true that the desire to do many things often stems from money or a desire to make more money. This is especially true among my generation- having one job just wont do. The side hustle has become a necessity.

The truth is, I don’t view the magazine as a side hustle; I view it as a form of service and celebration. Anything I receive on behalf of the magazine that happens to be green and spendable is a bonus.

Presenting at various events in the city and state, utilizing the business and journalism knowledge to mentor students as interns for this publication, and of course the WEALTH of people I have met and interviewed is too numerous and overwhelming.

This proves passion and dedication can (and in most cases should) trump monetary gain. People recognize, value, and appreciate those who are willing to serve and celebrate others and that’s exactly what ColorBlind Magazine is about.

So, my answer to the initial question posed is still a resounding YES. 


Leah T. (Johnson) Olajide

Author: Leah Olajide

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