Author’s Corner: Meet Sylvia Hubbard

ColorBlind Magazine is featuring Sylvia Hubbard- a local author, blogger, and entrepreneur. In part 1 of the interview she shares how she got her start in writing among other things…

Interview compiled by Leah T. (Johnson) Olajide

ColorBlind Magazine: How and when did you know you were going to make writing your career?

 Sylvia Hubbard: I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I would say I wanted to make a career out of writing was the first time I held my oldest daughter. I wanted to show her when you have dreams and goals and you work hard for them, you can make whatever you desire come true. I made a promise to myself I didn’t want my children to look at me as a hypocrite. Holding those six pounds in my hands, I swore, I would become the writer I wanted to be, no matter how much work it would take.

CB: Do you ever feel pressure to be better than your competition because you are an African American writer? And on that note, do you perhaps feel you can write from a different perspective because of being an African American writer?

SH: Actually, yes, I’ve felt pressure because I was African American AND a woman. My counterparts often had it easy, while I’ve had to prove myself a good high suspense romance author. Bringing urban made it more difficult because people never think there’s meaning to madness when it happens in the city.

The majority of my books take place in Detroit, and there’s still motive behind all murder no matter where it happens.

Yet, being from Detroit, a woman and African American, you get a flavor in my stories you can’t find anywhere else. Kind of like that Motown Magic, but in a book.

CB: Talk more about the blogs that you manage and describe your proudest moment as a writer.

SH: My blogs, other than my literary blog on my website consist of 1), where I dole literary news, events and education, 2), where I give information on how to publish ebooks, market all books and up to date publishing news authors need to know & 3) &, where I speak about the world of being single, give encouraging advice to myself and others & share motherly advice and inner wisdom on how to raise children in an urban environment.
My proudest moment of being a writer was when I was given an I’m Every Woman Award for being an exceptional woman and sharing my love for writing and reading in Metro Detroit, about the time my oldest daughter was about 14 years old. She was there to see them gift me the award and I was there to show her hard work at what you are good at will pay off.

(Part two will appear next week Monday!)

Follow Ms. Hubbard on Twitter at @sylviahubbard1

Author: Leah Olajide

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