Author’s Corner: Meet Sylvia Hubbard (Part two)

ColorBlind Magazine continues its interview with Detroit author Sylvia Hubbard.  Enjoy learning more about her love for writing and literacy.  

Compiled by Leah T. (Johnson) Olajide 

CB: Why are writing and literacy important to you and how do you translate that to others when you write/give presentations, etc?

SH: Writing and literacy efforts are important to be because I’ve felt and been blessed by the power of knowing how to read and write and I want others to be blessed as well. I’ve always believed with the power of words one can do magnificent things, go majestic places and become incredible moguls. I work hard in my Detroit community to spread the education and passion I have on writing and reading, give presentations with the encouragement that my participants can really become a bestselling author and push books to the reading community in hopes to raise literacy levels.

CB: Has there been a time you have second-guessed one of your published writings? If so, how did you handle it?

SH: [ It was my] first real review on my first published novel Dreams of Reality. I was biting my nails for a good three months second guessing my work and just not being able to write until they put the review up. By that time, my fingers felt like they were down to a nub, but the reviewer had enjoyed my work and gave me four stars. A week later, I received a rejection letter from a publisher. They said my writing was elementary and I had too many characters.

This was for my third novel, Stealing Innocence. Internally and spiritually, I fell lower than before and really didn’t want to write. I put the story online for .99cent deciding no one on earth would buy this book, but what the heck. It was completed and I just felt I might as well see what others thought about it. It was the first time I put a book online myself and didn’t expect much.

Three nights later, I received a text message that I received money from Paypal. Money can lift anyone’s spirit!

From that lesson I learned that my writing is not going to appeal to everyone, but it will appeal to someone.

And don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because if you like what you’re doing, someone else will too & will pay you for that passion.

CB:  What keeps you passionate about writing?

SH: The power to tell a story, captivate a mind, entertain or get someone from their own world for just a moment brings a smile to my lips. I’m passionate about writing more because the power behind the words I write, releases the stress, the sadness and the tiredness that usually weighs me down. I’m passionate about writing because it gives me strength, hope and happiness. And when people read what I write, they receive what I am given- Strength, hope and happiness.

Follow Ms. Hubbard on Twitter at @sylviahubbard1

Author: Leah Olajide

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