Financial Freedom in 2018

Written by Aja Williams of Aja’s Real Life Finances 

New Year, New You! Or How about New Year, New Finances?!

Once the new year arrives, one of the many confessions of change is with our money.

‘In 2018 I will save more, buy a home, create and stick to a budget.’

The list goes on and on, but many times we get started and never finish. Or we never start at all! When I sit back and think about my past issues with finances and the issues I’ve helped my clients overcome, starting is the hardest thing. So here are some simple steps to help you get your financial affairs in order for 2018. That theme is GET ORGANIZED! Below are some ways to organize your finances:

  • Set aside time to file important documents such as: birth certificates, rent/mortgage docs, vehicle paperwork including title, business paper work, bank/financial statements, etc. Also think about shredding documents and mail to alleviate clutter and identify theft. Below is a link to IRS website which explains record keeping
    1. Alternative for those who prefer a paperless life or would like to transition to paperless as much as possible.
      1. Request for bills and statements to be sent via email verses mail this way you can create folders in your personal or business email to file these things
      2. Scan documents and save to your computer
  • Use apps that fit your everyday life and organize them in groups on your phone. Make sure you have a passcode on your phone so no one can access it and also try to back the information up on a computer and/or flash drive in case your phone is lost or stolen.
  • MANAGING YOUR DEBT! A big part of getting organized for the start of the new year is management. Pull your free credit report at and also gather any debt letters or emails and list your debts from smallest to largest and pay them in that order. By the end of the year you should see your debt go down and your credit score go up!
  • SETTING FINANCIAL GOALS. What are your goals for 2018? Is it getting out of debt? Saving more? Write those goals down and implement the plan.
  • BUDGET!! The word everyone loves to hate! If you truly want to see change in your finances including where your money is going, create a budget. There are many apps, such as Dave Ramsey’s, Every Dollar app, Mint and many more that’s simple and you can also link to your bank account.
  • GETTING TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. When it comes to changing bad habits, and seeing the results you desire sometimes simply doing tangible things isn’t enough. Budgeting is great, filing is wonderful but dealing with those intangible issues can help break the cycle. What do I mean by intangible? Just like people use alcohol, drugs and food to deal with past hurts and shortcomings, the same goes with money and materials. I’ve worked with many clients and helped them to see this. Once you identify it and address it you’ll begin to see yourself becoming more consistent in your finances, you won’t feel depressed and oppressed, but free.

Happy New Year

Aja Williams

Aja’s Real Life Finances LLC


Author: Leah Olajide

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