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Written By: Leah Olajide/ColorBlind Magazine

A family bridal appointment created a wedding business partnership.

Nicole visited My Dream Dress Bridal Salon in Southfield, MI owned by June Rachele to pick a wedding dress for her cousin. Rachele was so impressed with Nicole’s knowledge of dresses and styling that she decided to only insert herself in the bride’s appointment when needed. She also offered Nicole a job at her salon that same day.

“I’ve done this business since 2012 with off and on help. Most people just viewed it as job,” said Rachele. “But, I didn’t meet someone who really understood the business until I met Nicole.”

Ironically, Nicole’s knack for wedding dresses and fashion stemmed from her former days as a wedding planner and owner of a bridal salon for six and a half years.

“I enjoy being with a young lady at one of the most special times in her life,” said Nicole. “She will always remember you and you will always remember her, so I feel like I touched her life in someway.”

The partnership of Rachele and Nicole at My Dream Dress Bridal Salon is truly unique. Using their combined expertise, these businesswomen are deeply committed to helping brides “slay” on their wedding day, and they do this by offering one-on-one bridal gown selection appointments, and setting the bridal gown trend when selecting gowns at the Bi-annual Bridal Market shows they attend.

“This business is my ministry on a whole ‘nother level,” admits Rachele. “Because now you are involved with engaging a woman with a man that is supposed to be for life. So you can’t take this as ‘oh it’s just a day.’ It’s your life.”    

Rachele and Nicole handle their bridal business professionally, but don’t shy way from being respectful and frank (when necessary) when helping a bride be confident about the look she envisions for her wedding day.

Of course, the daily work done at the bridal salon doesn’t just include the selection and selling of gorgeous, designer gowns at reasonable prices, and meeting and greeting anxious, excited brides, their families, and bridal party. At times, the ladies experience unexpected issues.

“A difficult part of the job is not being able to control your inventory. I have to really rely on the expertise of my manufacturers and make sure they are just as methodical as I am. These things keep me up at night, said Rachele.

There’s also internal struggles that accompany the business.

“For me it’s making sure you meet that bride’s expectations. With this business you have to be a bit of an overachiever,” said Nicole. “But June and I balance each other. Where she is weak I am strong, and where I am weak she is strong.”

The hustle and bustle of the bridal business and its hiccups don’t stop Rachele and Nicole from effectively helping numerous brides annually. It’s as if all-things-bridal is synonymous with their lifestyle.

“This business is almost mechanical for some people, but for us it’s not, said Nicole. We remember and engage our brides for special occasions past their weddings.”

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Author: Leah Olajide

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