The Shot Needed for the Next Level

I recently got a shot in the arm.

Between attending my third book signing for “The Burden“, the new book by Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press Columnist, and listening to a TED Talk earlier that day by Shonda Rhimes who spoke of writing her book “Year of Yes” and how writing and work provide a “hum” she can’t ignore, I’ve realized there’s work yet to be done.

Rochelle gave me (and my magazine) a shoutout. Shonda gave me a reason to keep saying “Yes” to myself and my goals. 

The Burden“, which I’m currently reading has brought together 23 writers who share their perspective on slavery. Topics range from education, money, to the prison system and others. Her book signings have not failed to lead to exciting, and necessary conversation in the community.

While taking a question from the audience, Rochelle asked me to stand and she gave recognition to the work I have done (and continue to do) with the magazine, and acknowledges my studies at and graduation from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She said “Leah could’ve gone to work for any newspaper, but she chose to do something that is meaningful to her.” Rochelle didn’t know it, but that was just what I needed to hear, especially during a time when I’m seriously contemplating adding another layer to my career as a writer.

This shot in the arm reminded me that the “hum” never left, it just got louder and my excitement is building for what’s next. As they say, “Third time’s the charm!.” In this case, it certainly was for me.

Author: Leah Olajide

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