Editor’s Corner


      (This editorial originally appeared in the Fall 2012 Launch Issue of ColorBlind Magazine) 

When each of us came together as editors for our college newspaper we had no idea we would decide to create a magazine that speaks for minority women. We were simply girls that enjoyed telling stories by means of the written word. We often talked about the “power of the pen” and how the newspaper gave us a voice. But, this magazine, ColorBlind, gives us an even greater voice.

Originally, we were content with writing a yearly “Black History Month” series for the campus paper in February. Seeing that we were the only African American editors on staff, we knew we had a responsibility to African American students on campus to tell our story correctly. So, for two consecutive years we wrote articles each week of February pertaining to black history, life and culture. The time came though when writing of African diaspora topics only in February grew old. We wanted our heritage and history to be celebrated and recognized each month.

With that in mind, we formed ColorBlind, the magazine that celebrates not only African Americans, but caters to minority women.
We want women to be enlightened and encouraged and feel empowered when they read this publication. We strongly believe that in order to have confidence in ourselves as minority women, we must not forget or be blind to our past or our struggles while also realizing that skin color should not be a barrier for success or personal growth.
In the cover story of the Fall 2012 issue, you will read of successful black women entrepreneurs, which will bolster the confidence of any woman and prove that starting a business is possible.

We also invite you to read our special stories on education, which discuss the importance of Africana studies courses and why we cannot give up on the Detroit Public School system. Also learn how a visit to a foreign country is possible by means of a study abroad program. With much excitement, we welcome you to our journey.
This is ColorBlind, the magazine that makes the minority woman not so minor.


Veronica Grandison | Leah Johnson | Brittney Moore